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If you've just finished the freely available content and now you're ready to keep learning and changing your life, then click the button below to buy the course using Stripe.


We're in an open beta right now, so the content is incomplete. You're supporting our future - thank you.

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I really look forward to hearing about your journey and talking to you soon via our community.


If you've already paid for the course and you'r trying to login, review the email we will have sent you when you purchase the CloudOps Level One course via Stripe. This email will contain a link that looks a bit like this:


Where XXX is your secret login token.

Click this link and you'll be logged in and able to access private course content. If you're having access problems, please checkout our community page, connect to our Discord server, and use the #moderators channel to reach out to a member of staff.

Private content?#

The CloudOps Level One course is a premium training course. It requires that students pay for access to most of its contents. Some parts of the course are free, but the vast majority of it is not.

If you've read through the freely available chapters and you're now ready to purchase, then head over to our Stripe page to start your life changing journey.