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Using the Book#

Let's briefly go over how you go about using the book.


The book is split into a set of high level goals:

  1. Technology
  2. Career
  3. Community
  4. Support


This aspect of the book is teaching you the technologies you need to break into the industry. This is the core of the book and it's going to be where you spend most of your time.

You should read this section from start to finish, complete all the micro-projects, quizzes, chapter projects and eventually the capstone project.


Now we look at getting you ready for presenting your (new) capabilities to the world. We're going to setup a LinkedIn profile, write a CV, reach out to recruiters, and start the process of getting a job.

Obviously you can skip this if you want to or if you have no need for it, but if you've finished the technology section and you're now wondering what to do next: this is it.


Joining our communities is how you get more support and answers to your questions. If you choose not to join the communities, then you'll putting yourself at a disadvantage. They're free to join so why not?


We also have other, extra support options that readers can take such as tutorials and 1-2-1 mentoring. These are paid offerings and are for readers who want to give themselves the best possible chance of understanding the material, getting answers to their questions faster, and seriously accelerate their career.

These extra options are powerful support tools you can purchase, but the book on its own is enough to teach you what you want.

Chapters and Sections#

As you work your way through the book you'll go through chapters, such as "Hardware Basics" and sections under those chapters, such as "GPU".

Each chapter covers a very large topic, and each section breaks the chapter up into management chunks. You should read through chapters one section at a time, from top to bottom.

Because of the efficient nature of how this book teaches you, you cannot skip anything unless you're confident you understand a topic already.


The book has videos all throughout it. These videos are designed to addressed two things:

  1. The "Why?" for a given section (every section has a "Why?" video)
  2. And technical demonstrations

The "Why?" videos help you better understand why a section is worth your time. The text in the section then teaches you the what and the how.

Other videos are for technical demonstrations, such as showing you how-to create a Virtual machine in VirtualBox, or setting up an EC2 Instance in AWS. Text works for these things too, but sometimes a visual aide can help some readers grasp the concept better.


These are four project types in this book:

  1. Micro Project
  2. Section Project
  3. Chapter Project
  4. Capstone Project

Micro projects are super fast, "Give this a try" like exercises designed to get you experimenting. Each section has a small, 30-60 minute project for you to run through to help you better understand the materials you've read.

Chapter projects bring all of sections into one project and have you build something a bit bigger, but also do-able within a 30-60 minute window.

The captone projects are big, important projects. They include building out a highly available website in AWS, your personal technology blog to show the world your knowledge; the LinkedIn profile, and more.


Each section has an assessment - or self-assessment - that you should run through to check your understanding. Don't skip these. They're an important part of your learning journey.

Each assessment is built-in the page and takes you a results page after you've completed it. The page contains many links for going back to where you came from, advancing forward, and more.

Time Frame#

Overall, if you can study for 16 hours per week (part-time study), then you should be able to complete the book's contents in about six months. You can then start looking for junior based positions, sending out CVs to companies and recruitment agents.

Obviously life can get very serious, very quickly and it should come first. There's no rush on your part here. You have life time access to the book and its complete contents. Don't put the book and your studies over life, family and friends.