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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)#

Using RDP, you can connect to Windows-based systems and a graphical interface to manage them. Unlike Linux, most Windows systems are managed using RDP and a graphical interface. At this time of writing it is, however, possible to SSH to a Windows system.

Windows offer a GUI - a Graphical User Interface - by default, so in most cases you're going to be using RDP to connect to and manage Windows Server systems. RDP is absolutely nothing like SSH. The obvious first note of difference is the fact RDP is graphical and SSH is not (although you can forward graphical sessions through an SSH tunnel.) And RDP is a proprietary system and protocol developed and maintained by Microsoft. SSH is open source.

If you're running Windows on your local system you might have the Remote Desktop Protocol client on your system. Try hitting the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the Windows menu and then just type rdp and you may see this:

RDP Start Menu Item

RDP Start Menu Item

Run this application and then you'll get this:

RDP Client

RDP Client

Ports and Protocols#

RDP uses port 3389 and both TCP and UDP.


Now let's look at ICMP, the protocol behind ping.